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Chapter IX of the Alabama Counseling Association Welcomes you!


Please consider some of the good work of your colleagues have done this past year and nominate someone for an award for our chapter.

The following are a list of awards given out each year.


In addition to these awards each year, we need to nominate someone for the

Chapter IX Outstanding Member Award

So if you know of one of your colleagues who you want to be noticed for

Their work, this is a change to bring recognition for a job well done.


Awards and Nominations


Know someone that you think goes beyond what is expected of them?  Most nominees must be members of the ALCA.  Deadlines are coming up soon.  If you aren’t sure what the criteria is but feel someone you know is deserving please contact me and I’ll find the information you need.  Some of the awards are:

Research award—to recognize outstanding research in areas of interest to the counseling profession, particularly to members of ALCA.

Individual publication award—to recognize scholarly & timely publications of interest to the counseling profession and to stimulate future publications. 

Chapter/Division publication award—this award recognizes the ALCA chapter or division with (an) outstanding publication(s) for its members.

Chapter/Division service award—recognizes the ALCA chapter or division that provided a particularly valuable or unique professional service to its members or the community.

Chapter/Division program award—recognizes the ALCA chapter or division that provided unique or superior program(s) for its members.

Distinguished legislative service award—honors and recognize the ALCA member or active legislator for outstanding work at the national or state level in promoting legislation which makes a significant contribution to the counseling profession.

Distinguished professional service award—recognizes outstanding service at the local, state, or national level that reflects a significant contribution to the professional concerns of ALCA, and stimulates future service.

Outstanding practitioner award—recognizes an outstanding counselor whose time is spend primarily in directing counseling services.

Jean H. Cecil distinguished counselor educator award— honors an ALCA member and counselor educator who has been an exemplary mentor for counselors, encourage continued excellence among counselor educations and provide ALCA the opportunity to show appreciation for outstanding counselor training

Wilber A. Tincher award for a humanitarian and caring person—Is given to honor a person who gives to others without fanfare or expectations of reward other than personal satisfaction in seeing other persons made happier or the social milieu given more integrity efforts and accomplishments. 

Recognition of deceased or retiring members.


Awards will be given out at the Awards Breakfast at ALCA's Annual Conference in November of each year.

Elections for Chapter IX officers soon!  We need people to fill the following positions: 
  • President (3 year term)
  • Secretary (1 year term)
  • Treasurer (2 year term)
  • Parliamentarian (1 year term)
  • Historian (1 year term)
  • Government & Professional Relationship committee Chair (1 year term)

If you are interested in any of the above positions and are a current member of chapter IX, please contact any officer or Bill Willis at mailto:btwillis@troy.edu

Please contact any of the following people if you need more information or would like to nominate someone for an award..

Justin Prescott

please contact Karena T. Valkyrie for any local news, pictures, upcoming workshops, or any other information that would be of interest to our members.  drktvalkyrie@gmail.com