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Chapter IX of the Alabama Counseling Association Welcomes you!

Inspiration Corner: Just Gotta Crow and Prayerful Thoughts

Ginny Shelton and K. T. Valkyries' article entitled, Exploring Stress as a Predictor of Bulimia and Drive for Thinness in a College Student Population was published in the recent ALCA Journal.


Ashleigh Kerlin, a Troy graduate student has become our new grad student blogger. We thank her in advance for her insights into the life a grad student.  Welcome Ashleigh!


In our prayers...


Fran Davidson on the loss of her husband.

Nancy Shelton, Ginny Shelton's mother, continues her "fight" with cancer.




Other Info


Justin Prescott and Lettie Jones return as the co-chairs of the 2009-2010 Awards Committee for Chapter IX.  Contact either one if you want to submit an award for one of your colleagues.  wprescott@troy.edu; ljones@wrcjobs.com.




The economic crisis continues and times are still stressful especially given the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We may be tempted to doubt or question our personal journeys.


Yet challenging times can be a powerful catalyst for personal reflection and re-focusing of dreams, goals, and aspirations.  It is up to us to decide how we will respond when times are tough and we “hit the wall.”


If you are feeling down, and in a “poor me” or simply an anxious place, I would recommend that you visit Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture video.  Sit back and learn what how he responded to his very personal pancreatic cancer wall.   Dr. Pausch's courage and inspiratoinal outlook continue to inspire many. KTV





Summer Haiku

children playing hide & seek,
their feet crushing pine cones--
"Ready or not, here I come!"

Chelsea Barberlero


December 21 - by Charles de Lint

On a grey solstice
day: crows, thin sunlight, restless
spirits heading home



Well, in our effort to build a strong community and to get to know one another, we truly want to share your successes – no matter how small you think your efforts may be there is something to share and to crow about! To paraphrase Peter Pan and Wendy, We Wanna CrowAbout You - Members of Chapter IX!  So start sending in your successes to me at kvalkyrie@troy.edu and we will get them on the website.  (Oh, for a good time and a walk down memory lane, visit this link to hear the “crow” I couldn’t spell… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnn2f62fL1s)

please contact Karena T. Valkyrie for any local news, pictures, upcoming workshops, or any other information that would be of interest to our members.  drktvalkyrie@gmail.com