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Chapter IX of the Alabama Counseling Association Welcomes you!

Day on the Hill 2009


The 2009 Day on the Hill was attended by

more than fifty Alabama counselors. April 15, Tax

Day, provided counselors an opportunity to experience our government in action. While some counselors met with legislators, others attended committee meetings,while others toured the Capitol or House and Senate Chambers. Gift bags full of ALCA information were left for legislators which our members distributed.

Everyone saw and heard the “Tea Party” protestors

on the steps of the state house. There were period

costumes and flags and even an authentic-looking

bag pipe corps playing a Revolutionary War



What is DOTH ("Day on the Hill")?  -
The goals of DOTH are: 
        1 - To help ALCA members gain a better understanding of the legislative process
        2 - To give ALCA members the opportunity to meet and network with key state government officials. 
        3 - To make the members of the Alabama legislature more aware of who we are and what we do
This event also gives our members a chance to be an advocate for the counseling profession.  In my opinion, it is very important for us to let our legislators know about the important services we provide to the citizens of Alabama.
Hope to see all of you next year at this important event!
some photos from this event:

the Honorable Wendell Mitchell



in 2007 there were 80 members to register for the event, which set a record!  There were equaly that many in 2008. Speakers often range from  Lieutenant Governor Folsom, Speaker Seth Hammett, Senator Wendell Mitchell, Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb and many other distinguished members of our house and senate.    Many thanks to Senator Wendell Mitchell, that without his help we would not have had such great speakers. 


Speaker of the House Seth Hammett, and myself

Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb

"voting" in the House

Shirley Barnes, Lt Gov Jim Folsom, Joanne Schrantz

Governor Bob Riley

Historical Montgomery State Capital

please contact Karena T. Valkyrie for any local news, pictures, upcoming workshops, or any other information that would be of interest to our members.  drktvalkyrie@gmail.com